Compressor and condensers capacity controls are used from compact systems with just two hermetic compressors up to large power-packs with multiple semi-hermetic compressors equipped with variable speed drives and unloaders.

ADAP-KOOL® Pack controls offer different levels of solutions: from compressor capacity control and step/variable control with local alarm ensuring accurate control and operational confidence, to advanced solutions of control up to 12 compressors or fans with intelligent control that optimised both suction and condensing pressure according to the load and external temperatures. Intelligent features such as
floating condensing pressure control and suction pressure optimisation are enabled.

Variable speed control of compressors and condenser fan optimizes performance in the refrigeration system, stabilises condensing pressure and reduces dirt build-up on condenser, creates energy savings, results in improved control and product quality, reduces noise and gives longer lifetime by reducing wear and tear of the mechanical components in the system. For comprehensive speed control, Danfoss offers the variable speed drive AKD, for fan speed control the small and efficient RGE combined pressure sensor and fan speed control. It can be mounted directly onto the refrigeration line, adjustment is made by the turn of a setting screw, and electrical connection is very versatile. It can also be panel mounted where space is
insufficient on the refrigeration line.