Danfoss CI-TI contactors and motor starters provide trouble-free switching and maximum protection for your costly motors and other electrical equipment.

The components are compact, easy to install and extremely reliable.


More than sixty years of manufacturing experience ensure that Danfoss contactors stand out with regards to quality and long life.


The contactor range includes minicontactors from 2.2. to 5 kW and control relays/ contactors from 2.2 to 238 kW.

Circuit breakers for short circuit- and overload protection of motor applications, cover the current range from 0.1 to 90 A AC-3 rating.
CTI 25MB breakers offer a higher short circuit breaking capacity than the CTI 25M type due to their built-on current limiter. The program is very flexible, featuring add-on accessories such as auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, and many more.