Lu-Ve offers commercial unit Coolers, industrial unit coolers, air coolers and air cooled condensers in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Various types of equipment as compact, dual-discharge and angled units are available.

Small diameter, high-efficiency copper tubes with inner helical grooving, specifically designed for the new refrigerants brings the benefits of high refrigeration capacity and performance.

High-efficiency aluminium fins (TURBOFIN®2) with special turbulator profile to reduce dehumidification and frost formation.

The distributors and refrigerant circuits have been specifically designed to ensure the maximum efficiency of the unit cooler in all its different applications.

Lu-Ve products are also available with Cu copper fins upon request.

Bitzer is in the market with the extensive product range of water-cooled shell and tube condensers with high-performance ribbed pipes, characterized by optimum power density. The low contamination sensitivity of the upstream sided tube profiles allows constant high capacity over a prolonged period of operation.

Furthermore, you can clean the condensers mechanically if required, without having to open the refrigerant side. Their compact design makes them ideal for integration in  condensing units. Besides the European "PED", other international certificates and special approvals are available. Within the standard version condensers with copper tubes there is also the seawater version with copper-nickel tubes.





Parallel-flow condensers have totally replaced the mechanical condensers (Cu/Al) in the automotive
industry.The same is happening in all the cooling-related industries (commercial and industrial air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration, etc…).

The acceptance of the market for this new kind of condensers is growing every year as their applications are multiplying.

Parallel-flow condensers are completely made in aluminium and brazed in the Valmex plant with a braze welding process in a Nocolok furnace.

All the components of the condenser are braze-welded to give solidity and perfect conductivity.

Moving towards this new technology takes great advantages, as:

- Less volatile material costs - Become more competitive>
- Reduce costs with big volumes production>
- Well accepted technology, no risks, high reliability>
- Average cost reduction of aluminium compared to copper>
- Lighter and thinner>
- Improved lifetime>
- Ecological>
- Lower gas charge inside the condenser>
- Lower pressure drops on air side>
- Resistance to high pressures>

Eurovent Certification certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

The objective is to build up customer confidence by levelling the competitive playing field for all manufacturers and by increasing the integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings.

The end users will have confidence that equipment will operate in accordance with the design specifications, the energy cost will be correctly stated and therefore the supplied product will correspond to the initial investment.

For manufacturers, the Eurovent Certification programmes offer the ground for a fair competition, on equal terms and based on comparable data. Finally, the image and integrity of the whole industry will be improved and a better confidence between manufacturers and specifiers will be established.

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