Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration Controls Solutions consist of ICV valve bodies, ICS Servo Operated ValvesICM Motor Valves and ICF Industrial Control Solutions.

The ICS valve comprises three main components: a valve body, a function module and a top cover.

The pilot valves connected defines the function of the ICS valve. Up to three pilots can be connected to the ICS.

The ICM motor valve comprises three main components: a valve body, a combined function module/top cover and an ICAD actuator.

The ICF control solution can substitute a series of conventional mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronically operated valves, thereby providing a number of advantages in the design phase of a refrigeration plant as well as in the installation, service and maintenance. ICF control solutions consist of valve housing plus a maximum of four or six function modules.












The range of pressure and temperature regulators cover Pilot operated main valves,

Pilot Valves, Solenoid pilot valves and other regulating valves