The range of pressure controls and thermostats cover a lot af applications within refrigeration and air conditioning. The controls can be delivered for fluorinated refrigerant as well as ammonia.

KP thermostats are single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) temperature operated electric

KP is used for regulation, but can also be seen in safety monitoring systems.

It is here that the electronic mechanism shows its superiority.

MP 54 and MP 55 oil differential pressure controls are used as safety switches to protect refrigeration compressors against low lubricating oil pressure.

If the oil pressure fails the oil differential pressure control stops the compressor after a certain time period.


ACB Cartridge Pressure Control is a small disc type pressure control for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

ACB is as standard equipped with a 6 amp contact system with automatic or manual reset.

ACB is robust and reliable in use, and the small size, lightness and high degree of protection means that it can be mounted directly on the refrigeration system where pressure regulation is required.

ACB is available in many different versions with different pressure settings and pressure


AKS pressure transmitters are designed for precise and energy optimized control.

The robust design makes AKS suitable for a wide range of applications, such as air conditioning systems refrigeration plants, process control applications and laboratory applications.


Highly developed sensor technology means high pressure regulation accuracy, a very important factor in the precise and energy-economic capacity regulation of refrigeration plants.

Temperature compensation for LP and HP pressure transmitters, developed specially for refrigeration plants.
Compatibility with all refrigerants incl. ammonia means less stock and greater application flexibility.

Effective protection against moisture means that the sensor can be mounted in very
harsh environments.

Robust construction gives protection against mechanical influences such as shock, vibration and pressure surge. AKS sensors can be mounted direct on to the plant.

No adjustment necessary. With the highly developed sensor technology and sealed gauge principle, the accuracy of the factory setting is maintained independent of variations in ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. This is very important when ensuring evaporating pressure control in air conditioning and refrigeration applications.