The range of Pressure Regulators and Pressure and Temperature Regulators have many different functions in both commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications, such as: capacity regulation, crankcase pressure regulation, receiver pressure regulation, evaporation pressure regulation and condensing pressure regulation.

The range also contains Liquid Distributors, Pilot Valves, Motorized Valves, Oil Regulating Valves and Overflow Valves.

Danfoss pressure regulators are delivered with flare or solder connection. Where neccesary the valves are delivered with schraeder valve. They are classified as:


KVP: Evaporator Pressure Regulator (Suction line)

KVR: Condensing Pressure Regulator

NRD: Differential Pressure Regulator

KVC: Capacity regulator (Hot Gas Bypass)

KVL: Crankcase Pressure Regulator (Suction line)

KVD: Reciever Pressure Regulator