Thermostatic expansion valves used in traditional refrigeration systems and refrigeration appliances give some possibility of energy savings where injection of refrigerant liquid into the evaporator is controlled by the refrigerant superheat.
The evaporator controls for regulating refrigeration appliances with thermostatic expansion valves or compressor are capable of regulating different types of functions in order to fulfil any evaporator control demand. The controls have functions for regulating/monitoring temperature, defrosting, doors, rail heating, light and fan operation.

With remote communication as a part of ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration control system, evaporator controls comprise monitoring and control of display cases and cold rooms including alarm monitoring improving performance of refrigeration system. 

ADAP-KOOL® evaporator controls enable optimal functionality of refrigeration system, and, at the same time, save energy and keep food quality in display cases and cold rooms thanks to features like defrost function, adaptive superheat control with electronically operated expansion valve such as AKV.

In order to achieve efficient and optimal liquid injection, an electronically operated expansion valve and controller with adaptive control of the superheat is installed. Adaptive automatic refrigeration control system is possible as no manual setting is required, and the system itself finds the optimal superheat level according to current operating conditions.

By using electronically operated expansion valves further optimisation of the refrigeration installation is possible because not only do they provide accurate control, but they also transmit valuable information
about the load and performance of the refrigeration system.