In 1940, surrounded by quiet grove and clear creek in Musashino, Shigeru Nishimi founded "Bellows Research Institute," and this is the beginning of Saginomiya's history.

Bellows was necessary for Aviation and Marine automatic controls, and it was eagerly awaited by these industries. However, production for quality bellows required high technology, but there were no such skills in Japan that time. In 1944, after a long try and error research, Saginomiya managed to develop the high quality bellows of world class quality.

In April 1st 1948, we became a Corporation of bellows development and production company. The company name of Sagionomiya was named after local small town.

Then after, the company grew as Japanese economy grew. Primarily developed in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Saginomiya has contributed in wide range of fields such as heavy electric industry, semiconductors, transportations and medical field. Saginomiya is said to be "The Automatic Control Manufacturing Company" even to this day.